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The HistWriter October 2021: The Lucky Country, The Box of Beautiful Letters, Fiction Writers’ Workshop

The Histwriter December 2021: Black Dragonfly, Ada Lovelace, Bellotto

The HistWriter January 2022: Snow, Snow Country, Linguistics

The HistWriter February 2022: A Month at Bath, The Corset Maker, Black Drop

March 2022: Literature of Ukraine, International Women’s Day

May 2022: my 2nd novel news, ‘The Unnamed’, The Wexford Bohemian Issue 3, and ‘Bronagh’.

June 2022 | Wexford Literary Arts Festival | The Water Dancer | Low Life

July 2022 | A Perfect Copy | Annie of Ainsworth’s Mill

Aug 2022 | Hiroshima | Still waiting for The Piano Player to be released!





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