Stories 2018

Distracted for nearly two years by emigration from the UK to Wexford, Ireland, my story output has fallen, but in the new house I now have ‘A Room of One’s Own’ in which to write and a writing routine has emerged: early in the mornings before my day job. The novel is taking shape and my new environment is starting to inspire stories.

 ’60 minutes’, my April story for the TCWG competition was inspired by January’s theme of ‘Births, marriages and deaths’ and March’s theme of ‘ablaut reduplication’. See if you can spot the themes! What would you do if you had only ahour to live?

The Picnic –  Inspired by a trip to the Gorges du Tarn: a couple picnicking beside an ancient megalith reassess what is important in their lives.

Theme: A Day in the Life. The ‘Daisy Dancer’ – Daisy’s classic sailing yacht was her father’s pet project, but was sold on when she was still a child. She has tracked the boat down but under a new name and the current owner will only let her crew the boat for one day. Inspired by helping a friend of a friend track down a boat.

Theme: Disability. Snow Devils: Two young men who knew each other at school reconnect – but Callum has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Theme: Shadows. ‘Hate Mail’: A paediatrician is stalked by a child abuser whose infant was taken into care.

A Christmas Birthday: The last 6 Christmas birthdays of his childhood were in wartime. Now it is December 1945 and as Europe begins recovery from WW2 Richard walks with his father to Bristol Temple Meads Station to wait for his mother to come home.