18th Century

18th Century

‘The Bones of a Plot’: a story of love and death in the Comedie Italienne, set in early 18th century Paris.

‘The Best of All Possible Worlds’ Voltaire’s coming of age as fictionalised biography.

Sans, Souci. Why is there a comma between Sans, and Souci? Was Frederick the Great able to forget the sorrows of his younger life in his pastoral idyll?

‘Self Portrait as Winter’ is a glimpse of Rosalba Carriera, the celebrated pastel portrait artist of the Rococo Age.

‘The Transaction’, the fictionalised story of the transgendered Chevalière d’Eon and her return to the French Court en femme.

‘A Month at Bath’, a Regency pastiche which imagines the secret gambling system of the historical figure of John Law, a gambler and banker who caused an economic crisis in France in 1720. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…

‘The Immortal Lavoisier’ Fictionalised biography of the founder of the DuPont company and his links with the Lavoisier family.

The Scarlet Thread was set in the Paris of the Terror. A fiction inspired by the disappearance of Philibert Aspairt in the catacombs.

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