Maybelle Wallis writes short fiction and historical novels. A paediatrician who spent much of her career in England, she now works in Wexford, Ireland. She draws inspiration for her novels from medical history, and from the gloomy and macabre past of hospitals as Victorian institutions. Her past experience of child protection informs her explorations of crimes disguised as innocent events.

In 2020, after winning  ‘Meet the Publisher’ at the Wexford Literary Festival, her debut novel HEART OF CRUELTY was published by Poolbeg. The sequel, THE PIANO PLAYER, was released in August 2022. 

Maybelle is a graduate of St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College in London and also studied Creative Writing with the Open University. She loves her adopted country, Ireland, with its turbulent history and its natural beauty. Her favourite county is, of course, Wexford, home to a thriving creative community. She is a member of the Red Books Wexford Write Club, the Irish Writers’ Union, the Irish Writers’ Centre,, Jericho Writers and the Historical Novel Society.  


Maybelle Wallis’s books on Goodreads
Heart of Cruelty Heart of Cruelty
reviews: 33
ratings: 43 (avg rating 4.26)

The Piano Player The Piano Player
reviews: 3
ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.50)


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