Maybelle Wallis writes short fiction and historical novels. 

Maybelle first experienced book promotion in early childhood when her father published EDUCATING YOUR BABY . She briefly featured in newspapers and on TV and has had impostor syndrome ever since. 

Her career as a child genius soon ended but she consoled her parents by getting into medical school. She graduated from St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, University of London.  A consultant paediatrician who spent much of her career in England, she now lives and works in Wexford, Ireland.

Yet during the long years working as a doctor her desire to be an author never went away. She studied creative writing with the Open University, Jericho Writers and Curtis Brown.

She has so far written two historical novels with an element of 19th century medicine: HEART OF CRUELTY won ‘Meet the Publisher’ at the 2020 Wexford Literary Festival, and was published by Poolbeg. Its sequel THE PIANO PLAYER came out in 2022.

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