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Maybelle Wallis

I trained as a doctor at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, London, UK, and worked as a paediatrician in the NHS in London and the West Midlands before moving to work in Wexford, Ireland in 2017. 

My writing journey

I began to study Creative Writing with the Open University in 2011 and went on to complete 3 modules with distinction. I also took part in Debi Alper and Emma Darwin’s Writers’ Workshop (now Jericho Writers) Self-Editing Course. 

During 2018 I joined a MOOC run by the University of Iowa International Writing Program and was extremely fortunate to make contact with three kindred spirits: Annette Libeskind Berkovits, Jo Schaffel, co-author of Somewhere Besides Denver, and Joanna Orwin. We remain in touch, offering each other critique and support.

I also belong to two writing groups, TCWG and Write Club (formerly South Wexford Writers) which is based at the wonderful Red Books run by Wally O’Neill.

All characters in my stories are fictional, and any passing resemblance to any person, or chateau, is completely unintentional.

Châteaux en Espagne

This French expression is the equivalent of the phrase ‘castles in the air.’ I live in Wexford, Ireland.

The header picture is the ‘Laboral’ on the outskirts of Gijon, Asturias, Spain, an ornate Franco-esque edifice which is now an arts and cultural centre. For me this building is a work of historical fiction: it is not the past, but a modern imagination of the past constructed with modern materials.

I changed the site title recently to HistWriter.com because it’s easier to spell. Mapping the histwriter.com domain to chateauxenespagne.com was the easier alternative to migrating the whole lot to a brand new website.

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  2. Thanks for following The Italian South! I love the stories that surface from my research there, and hope you enjoy them too. Sandy

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