‘The HistWriter’, July 2022


In my July newsletter I describe my humble contribution to this month’s Wexford Literary Festival and review recent novels from two fellow members of the Irish Historical Novel Society: Derville Murphy’s A Perfect Copy and Katie Hutton’s Annie of Ainsworth’s Mill.

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6 thoughts on “‘The HistWriter’, July 2022

  1. Maybelle, i just wanted to leave a comment about your book, heart of cruelty… From the opening scenes i was immersed and compelled to go on the journey with Jane Verity. The atmosphere, descriptions, language and dialogue brought this story alive and takes you back to a victorian era where women had no say, no voice, no prospects without a man. The characters are brilliantly formed and the pace, perfect… Having found her voice, this strong charachter, jane, leaves you rooting for her, to find her rightful place, for herself on her own terms…. Such a great read. I loved it….. 😍👌😍

    1. Hi Caroline, it’s lovely to hear from you and I’m delighted you enjoyed Heart of Cruelty.It’s not a straightforward romance and I think it appeals more to women who are themselves more independent minded! I’ve finished the next book – The Piano Player – second in a series of 3 – which is planned to be released in August. It’s set during the Famine years in Dublin, where William and Jane, though long separated with Jane now the piano player of the title, meet in the face of adversity, including epidemic disease and medical malpractice. I’m currently writing the 3rd book, set in 1850s New York.
      The Write Club have started meeting again at Red Books, but I miss you and your flowing poetry!
      Take care
      M XX

  2. Hi, Maybelle, ohhh i cant wait to get your next book and see what the twists and turns produce! Very excited for you, you are so talented at telling a story!
    I am going to try to get down the occasional Thursday to write club. I really miss it. At least in the pandemic we still had zoom… But thank god were not giing through the restrictions of the pandemic. Awhh thank you, thats kind of you to say that. Hopefully will see y’all soon. In the meantime, happy writing your fabulous novels! X

    1. You’re very kind yourself, Caroline! Wally’s hoping to get a better internet connection at Red Books, and I have some kit which could be used for a hybrid Zoom meeting, so maybe you will soon be able to join us regularly. I can only go to Write Club alternate weeks because of work, but I hope I’ll see you again soon one way or another.
      Thanks for your praise, it really helps,
      M XX

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