A Perfect Copy – Derville Murphy – Book Launch

In this dual timeline historical novel two different people bring identical 19th century portraits to an auction. But is one of them original and the other a copy? Which one is which? Who is the beautiful woman in the painting, and what is her story?

In A PERFECT COPY Derville Murphy displays her expertise in art history as well as a flair for bringing to life the social history of another age. She explores the Jewish community of the 19th century, starting in what is now Ukraine, and bringing the reader to Vienna and London, while the contemporary thread of her story is set in Dublin. Both threads of her intriguing novel explore the fractured intricacies of family relationships, ending on a romantic note.

The book launch for A PERFECT COPY forms part of the Wexford Literary Arts Festival (link) and takes place at 11.30 on Saturday 2nd July in the Book Centre, Main St, Wexford.

Find A PERFECT COPY on Amazon.co.uk: (link)

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