A Receiver of Stolen Words

A Receiver of Stolen Words is an anthology of fifteen short stories in settings as far apart as Paris in 1716, Mesopotamia in 1916, and modern day West London. A common theme linking them is time and memory, time shifts, the passage of time, how we remember, how we forget, how we see the future, and sometimes just being set in another historical period.

To write these stories, I feel as if I’ve woven together ideas and words stolen from across centuries. That gave me my title. Characters are formed from ghosts, from research, from tiny snippets of people I’ve met, from strings of words that occur randomly at dead of night, or in the shower. The stories are all my own work, (not plagiarised by any means!), but someone else, somewhere else, maybe used words like these, once. I hope.


Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US, iBooks, Kobobooks.com, Lulu.com (print and ebook).

The cover image was taken (stolen?) in Spitalfields, London, in March 2014.

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