A writing prompt – an eradication of knowledge

This will be the theme for my December TCWG short story…
David Mamet once wrote: ‘The information age is centralizing knowledge, rendering it liable to despotic control. We can write letters and deliver them by hand. If, however, we communicate only over the phone lines, the flip of one centralized switch renders us isolated.. if information is centralized in government-controlled ‘computer banks’ liable to power outage or any electronic mishap, might one not intuit that, yet again, the culture is voting for/being impelled toward an eradication of knowledge?’
(from Three uses of the knife, 1998)

As we face a future where the ‘lights go out’, we should take stock of how much of our writing is stored on the web, in e-books, on our blogs, or other electronic formats.

All the more reason to buy the book (see previous post)!!

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