A ‘Eureka’ moment

I had a ‘Eureka’ moment this morning while watching, online, Philippa Gregory giving a lecture about historical fiction, and realising I have found my genre! See the link on my BlogLinks page.

3 thoughts on “A ‘Eureka’ moment

  1. I can remember doing historical fiction for an exercise in the BRB and enjoyed it more than I thought. My concern would be my lack of factual historical event/clothes etc. The person you watched on tv did she have any advice on this?

    1. You can watch Philippa Gregory’s lecture on the Historical Novel Society website, and I liked it so much that I have put a link to it on my BlogLinks page. She argues that most historical records prior to about 1920 were written by and for men, and tend to ignore the lives of women. So there are gaps that have to be filled with insightful imagination. The result however, might be closer to the truth than the incomplete story you would get from looking at the recorded facts.

      1. I’ll watch it when the kids are in bed tonight then. It never occurred to me that the records would be from the male perspective (although it seems obvious now it’s been pointed out!) I thought it was general consensus and recorded fact. 🙂

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