City of the Lost

The streets were full of lost souls this morning. It was half term, we were all freed from the pressure of school-run-mums and middle-management, and only the childless, the empty nesters and the elderly were out and about. Strange things happened. A hatchback couldn’t get through a green light, even though it was only third in the queue. A white van orbited a roundabout, aimlessly. A bus went along at 20mph, interminably. A Porsche Boxster in a fetching rainbow metallic paint finish dawdled, as though hung over, being overtaken by old women in small Far Eastern cars. Twice, I encountered vehicles parked up at T- junctions, having flagged down passing traffic to ask directions. And of course, when I got to work, someone who wasn’t staff was trying to get through the barrier into the staff car park. I held back waiting for the driver to reverse back out, but who ever it was, he or she, couldn’t reverse round a corner.

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